Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunity

The Alabama Iron & Steel Council is awarding scholarships to Alabama community college students with an academic interest in iron and steel manufacturing.

Submit your scholarship application by May 1st to spark your career!

Average wage provided by AISC Core Member companies is $95,795/year.

Career iron and steel manufacturing teammates typically earn more than $100K/year.

Qualifying scholarship applicants:

  • Must enroll in an Alabama Community College.
  • Should enroll in a mechanical, electrical or similar industrial technology, maintenance or engineering program related to iron and steel manufacturing.
For more information about the Alabama Iron & Steel Council, its members and the expectations of scholarship applicants, visit

Two AICS scholarships will be available each year.

Scholarships may be eligible for renewal by its recipient.

The $2,000 scholarship per year, will be a credit applied directly to the student’s community college account.

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Completed AISC scholarship applications must be submitted by May 1st.